Mohan Mallick

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This paper reviewed the various hypotheses on phantom limb and phantom limb pain as well as all the related rehabilitation techniques to control these symptoms. The uncertainty in their pathophysiology strongly affects all the rehabilitation approaches so far used, as no single parameter has been found to predict or control phantom limb pain as well as no(More)
A review of the literature on the health hazards of obesity and weight control in children indicates: 1) methodological flaws tend to invalidate the assumption that obesity is a risk factor for this age group; 2) weight control by children and adolescents may cause a variety of health problems including retardation of growth, development, mental(More)
BACKGROUND There have been no reports of validation studies on the nursing diagnosis of relocation stress syndrome (RSS). OBJECTIVES To validate the presence of some defining characteristics of RSS in a group of long-term care residents relocated en masse to a new facility. METHODS This study measured the effects of relocation on 106 elderly residents(More)
The present study was designed to test the clinical hunch that members of high-risk groups, such as athletes, have psychological traits similar to persons with eating disorders. Three groups of adolescent females (eating-disordered, athletes, and students) were studied to determine their menstrual, dieting, and exercise patterns and their self-images.(More)
We examine the effect of a large, comprehensive maternity and infant care (MIC) program on birthweight and infant mortality in an economically depressed urban population. The study is based on linked birth, infant death and program files for 1985-87 Cleveland and East Cleveland, Ohio, birth cohorts (N = 31,415). Taking into account differences in risk(More)
By understanding the signs and symptoms of anorexia and bulimia, school personnel can play a vital role in the early detection and treatment measures necessary to successful treatment. This article answers questions most commonly asked about eating disorders by school personnel. It provides specific information about early detection measures, approaches to(More)
Our research interests are in steady state reaction diffusion equations and systems that arise in nonlinear heat generation, combustion theory, chemical reactor theory and population dynamics. In particular, we are interested in existence, multiplicity, uniqueness and bifurcation results for positive steady states for various classes of reactions processes.(More)