Mohan Kamath

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I n recent years, numerous transaction models have been proposed t o address the problems posed by advanced database applications, but only a f e w of these models are being used in commercial products. I n this paper, we make the case that such models m a y be too centered around databases to be useful in real environments . Advanced applications raise a(More)
Workkow Management Systems (WFMS) are a rst generation of products that attempt to manage the execution of business processes by large numbers of users distributed over a wide area and using heterogeneous resources. They are a very promising venue for collab-orative systems but, in most cases, the autonomy of the users is greatly restricted due to(More)
Epsilon serializability (ESR) is a weaker form of correct-ness designed to provide more concurrency than classic serializability (SR) by allowing, for example, query transactions to view inconsistent data in a controlled fashion, by limiting the inconsistency within the speciied bounds. In this paper, we introduce the notion of hierarchical inconsistency(More)
Workflow is probably one of the most exciting areas of research that has emerged in the past few years. The concepts and ideas have been around in one form or another for a long time: computer supported cooperative work, form processing, cooperative systems, office automation, etc. However, only recently the technology and know-how required to implement(More)
Workflow Management Systems (WFMSs) automate the execution of business processes in environments encompassing large numbers of users distributed over a wide geographic area and using heterogeneous resources. Current implementations allow the definition and controlled execution of complex and long lived business processes as the basis for an enterprise-wide(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of GnRH antagonists in women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination cycles (COS/IUI). STUDY DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. Recruited women were randomized into two groups: GnRH antagonist and control group. The primary outcomes were incidence of premature LH surge and clinical(More)
In 36 women with polycystic ovary syndrome and clomiphene citrate resistance, letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, statistically significantly increased the ovulation rate by 33.3% in the treatment group, indicating that letrozole can be used as an effective and simple alternate ovulation-inducing agent in these women.
To properly handle concurrent accesses to documents by updates and queries in information retrieval (IR) systems, efforts are on to integrate IR features with database management system (DBMS ) features. However, initial research has revealed that DBMS features optimized for traditional databases, display degraded performance while handling text databases.(More)