Mohan Jarallah

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We conducted an analysis on 41 cases of male breast cancer (median age 54 y; range 25-82 y) in Kuwait. Most (51%) were stage II cancers with 65% arising in the left breast. There were 5 (12%) T1 tumours, 23 (56%) T2 tumours and 13 (32%) T3/T4 tumours. They were mostly (95%) infiltrating ductal carcinomas; 97% were grade 2 or 3. Axillary lymph node(More)
OBJECTIVES In Parkinson's disease (PD), partial neuronal loss occurs in several arousal-promoting structures, but the effects on arousability have not yet been studied. METHODS Polysomnographic analysis of 70 PD patients and 70 control subjects matched for age, sex, body mass index, apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), and periodic limb movements in sleep index(More)
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