Mohan Jagannath

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This report summarizes 2 years experience in performing 336 autotransplant procedures in 251 consecutive patients with multiple myeloma, using high-dose melphalan at 200 mg/m2 in the context of a tandem transplant program. A total of 91 patients received 118 transplants as outpatients while the remaining 160 patients received 218 transplants as inpatients.(More)
Whilst motorcycling is an activity of pleasure in most parts of the world, in India it is a regular mode of commuting. Incidence of fatigue is substantially higher among motorcycle riders than drivers of other modes of transport. The objective of this study was to detect physical fatigue due to motorcycle riding for an hour using surface electromyography(More)
This paper discusses a new methodology for the synthesis of planar four-bar linkages with rotary joints based on a desired coupler curve. This was performed by first deriving a closed-form expression relating the coupler points to the corresponding crank orientations, which in turn evaluated to zero when the desired point is reached exactly at the specified(More)
In the course of family studies on a 46,X,i(Xq) daughter, a phenotypically normal Indian father was found to have a balanced reciprocal Y;15 translocation resulting in a satellited Y and a derivated 15p+ chromosome (Fig. 1). Seventeen reports of Yqs, nine in family studies and eight sporadic cases are in literature. There is no karyotype-phenotype(More)
The vein that carries the deoxygenated blood gets bulged and thick due to defect in their valve which becomes varicose veins. These are most common in legs. These varicose veins are caused by damaged or weak valves of veins that lead to collection of blood in the vein which increase the pressure and cause pain. 19% of the men and 36% of the women are mostly(More)
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