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BACKGROUND The recent surge in online health information and consumer use of such information has led to expert speculations and prescriptions about the credibility of health information on the World Wide Web. In spite of the growing concern over online health information sources, existing research reveals a lacuna in the realm of consumer evaluations of(More)
BACKGROUND Using a functional theory of media use, this paper examines the process of health-information seeking in different domains of Internet use. OBJECTIVE Based on an analysis of the 1999 HealthStyles data, this study was designed to demonstrate that people who gather information on the Internet are more health-oriented than non-users of Internet(More)
The linkage between the Internet and the offline community has been the subject of considerable research in the last decade. Scholars have been particularly interested in the effects of the Internet on offline community, and the relationship between Internet use and community participation. Based on the social shaping of technology and channel(More)
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