Mohan B. Sharma

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An earlier paper [l] presents an efficient distributed depth-first search algorithm, with a time complexity 2 1 V 1 and a message complexity 2 1 V I. The algorithm is derived from the traditional sequential depth-first search algorithm. We point out a few errors in the above paper [l] and the corresponding corrections. These errors are mostly minor coding(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally the repaired extensor tendons have been treated postoperatively in static splints for several weeks, leading to formation of adhesions and prolonged rehabilitation. Early mobilization using dynamic splints is common, but associated with many shortcomings. We attempted to study the results of early active mobilization, using a simple(More)
The median invariance property of trees is described in this paper. Tree structures that are weighted (nonnegative edge weights) and unweighted (unit edge weights) are considered. It is established that the location of median(s) in trees is an invariant with respect to the weights on each tree edge and that the median of a tree T is the same if the tree T(More)
Problems of finding distributively, the centers and medians of asynchronous communication networks are considered, and efficient distributed algorithms for determining these parameters are presented. The princip81 results of this paper are: 1. We show that for certain tree structures, the alg~ rithms of Korsch[7] fsil to anive at a correct solution,(More)
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