Mohan B. Sharma

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An earlier paper [l] presents an efficient distributed depth-first search algorithm, with a time complexity 2 1 V 1 and a message complexity 2 1 V I. The algorithm is derived from the traditional sequential depth-first search algorithm. We point out a few errors in the above paper [l] and the corresponding corrections. These errors are mostly minor coding(More)
Consider a communication network. Our goal is to equip the set of processors in the network with a control algorithm that will allow a processor in the network to effect a depth-first traversal through the graph underlying the network, using messages. The output of the algorithm is a depthfirst-search (DFS) tree of the graph underlying the network, kept in(More)
Landslides, floods, and droughts are recurring natural disasters in Nepal related to too much or too little water. The summer monsoon contributes more than 80% of annual rainfall, and rainfall spatial and inter-annual variation is very high. The Gandaki River, one of the three major rivers of Nepal and one of the major tributaries of the Ganges River,(More)
Improved irrigation use efficiency is an important tool for intensifying and diversifying agriculture in Nepal, resulting in higher economic yield from irrigated farmlands with a minimum input of water. Research was conducted to evaluate the effect of irrigation method (furrow vs. drip) on the productivity of nutritious fodder species during off-monsoon dry(More)
Problems of finding distributively, the centers and medians of asynchronous communication networks are considered, and efficient distributed algorithms for determining these parameters are presented. The princip81 results of this paper are: 1. We show that for certain tree structures, the alg~ rithms of Korsch[7] fsil to anive at a correct solution,(More)
The median invariance property of trees is described in this paper. Tree structures that are weighted ( nonnegative edge weights ) and unweighted ( unit edge weights ) are considered. It is established that the location of median(s) in trees is an invariant with respect to the weights on each tree edge and that the median of a tree T is the same if the tree(More)
We propose an architecture to harness the comparatively low computational power of geographically concentrated mobile devices (such as in a wireless ad hoc network, especially a sensor network) to build a wireless ad hoc lattice computer (WAdL). The existence and usefulness of such an architecture is justified by the phenomenal increase in the number of(More)
INTRODUCTION Early diagnosis and management of depression is important for better therapeutic outcome. Strategies for distinguishing between unipolar and bipolar depression are yet to be defined, resulting improper management. This study aims at comparing the socio-demographic and other variables between patients with unipolar and bipolar depression, along(More)
This study was carried out in five Village Development Committees of Baglung district, Nepal. The main objective was to assess the constraints and opportunities to run the non-timber forest products based enterprises, and to design business solutions to make their value chains more efficient and competitive with the best utilization of the available(More)
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