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The optimal type and amount of fluid for resuscitation of injured patients in hemorrhagic hypovolemic shock remains controversial. Use of deferoxamine, an iron chelator and oxygen-free radical scavenger, and hespan (hydroxyethyl starch), a colloid plasma expander, was evaluated in a rat hemorrhagic shock model. Eighty Sprague-Dawley male rats were utilized(More)
Although cryoglobulinemia is a well-appreciated complication of hepatitis C (HC), myopericarditis with resulting pericardial effusion is extremely rare, especially in the absence of a liver transplant. In patients with HC, pericardial effusion with impending tamponade can be a florid and potentially life-threatening manifestation of multiorgan(More)
3639 Background: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is associated with high systemic morbidity and mortality through its effects on large and small blood vessels. Recent studies on animals and human beings have shown that DM type 2 can increase lifetime risk of colon cancer (CC) through various mechanisms like elevated levels of serum postprandial insulin and(More)
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