Mohammed Z. Ashraf

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A 47-year-old male presented with hyponatremia that was corrected slowly as per the recommended guidelines. The patient improved initially but went on to develop a quadriparesis with a locked-in state due to a central as well as extrapontine myelinolysis and subsequently succumbed to an intercurrent infective illness. The patient had associated hypokalemia.(More)
Back in 2003, we published 'MAX' randomization, a process of non-degenerate saturation mutagenesis using exactly 20 codons (one for each amino acid) or else any required subset of those 20 codons. 'MAX' randomization saturates codons located in isolated positions within a protein, as might be required in enzyme engineering, or else on one face of an(More)
Based on the previous reports on α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of benzimidazole class, we intend to evaluate further this class as potential inhibitors of α-glucosidase enzyme. Thus, in the current study synthesis of 5-bromo-2-aryl benzimidazole derivatives 1–25 was carried out. All the synthetic compounds were characterized by different spectroscopic(More)
The osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS) has been identified as a complication of the rapid correction of hyponatremia for decades. However, in recent years, a variety of other medical conditions have been associated with the development of ODS, independent of changes in serum sodium which cause a rapid changes in osmolality of the interstitial(More)
With the current widespread use of anti-VEGFs in the treatment of central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), the role for steroids has become greatly diminished. Recent large scale randomized control trials (RCTs) have established the efficacy and safety of anti-VEGFs in the treatment of CRVO. Steroids are known to cause elevations in intraocular pressure as(More)
Malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The classic presentation of malaria with paroxysms of fever is seen only in 50%–70% of the patients. The development of immunity, the increasing resistance to anti-malarial drugs, and the indiscriminate use of anti-malarial drugs have led to malaria with the presentation of unusual(More)
There are problems associated with the use of existing educational performance indicators when comparing further education colleges in Scotland. Several approaches have been suggested to avoid or resolve problems in comparing performance indicators. This paper reports the results of a pilot study using hot-deck multiple im-putation as a method of comparing(More)
  • Mohammed Syed, Suhaib, Sandeep K Shukla, Dong Ha, Binoy Ravindran, Amma +9 others
  • 2004
We present a methodology of an agile formal method named eXtreme Formal Modeling (XFM) recently developed by us, based on Extreme Programming concepts to construct abstract models from a natural language specification of a complex system. In particular , we focus on Prescriptive Formal Models (PFMs) that capture the specification of the system under design(More)