Mohammed Yousefhussien

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The spatial organization of cells is essential for proper tissue assembly and organ function. Thus, successful engineering of complex tissues and organs requires methods to control cell organization in three dimensions. In particular, technologies that facilitate endothelial cell alignment and vascular network formation in three-dimensional tissue(More)
Three-dimensional textural and volumetric image analysis holds great potential in understanding the image data produced by multi-photon microscopy. In this paper, an algorithm that quantitatively analyzes the texture and the morphology of vasculature in engineered tissues is proposed. The investigated 3D artificial tissues consist of Human Umbilical Vein(More)
When classifying point clouds, a large amount of time is devoted to the process of engineering a reliable set of features which are then passed to a classifier of choice. Generally, such features – usually derived from the 3Dcovariance matrix – are computed using the surrounding neighborhood of points. While these features capture local information, the(More)
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