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BACKGROUND Lung Carcinoma is the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide with an incidence of 1.3 million cases per year. This study was undertaken to determine prevalence of various histological types of lung carcinoma and to analyse their changing trends with time. METHODS This is a retrospective analytical study. A total of 330 cases of(More)
Patients suffering with significant coronary artery disease undergoing elective noncardiac surgery may benefit by revascularisation prior to noncardiac surgery with high or intermediate risks. Alternatively, combined procedures can be performed. We describe the management of an anaesthetic patient suffering with significant coronary artery disease with left(More)
BACKGROUND Thrombosis and occlusion of the superior vena cava (SVC) can cause massive chylothorax resulting in significant morbidity and mortality among young infants. Medical therapy is often unsuccessful. We report a new surgical technique that entails open thrombectomy and reconstruction of the SVC and innominate vein to treat this condition. METHODS(More)
We describe an unusual case of a young man presenting with calcific constrictive pericarditis. The patient had a history of restrictive cardiomyopathy and pericardial effusion during infancy and received antituberculous treatment. Investigations revealed the presence of thickened pericardium and a thickened calcific constrictive band around the(More)
OBJECTIVES The transthoracic intracardiac line placed in the right atrium provides a convenient access to the central venous system following cardiac surgery. However, it is associated with risks such as migration and bleeding. We conducted a retrospective study to determine whether position of transthoracic line with respect to site of exit from the chest(More)
OBJECTIVES The tight syndrome after open-heart procedures in neonates renders delayed sternal closure (DSC) a life-saving measure. The goal of this study is to analyze the risk factors that may predict the need for DSC. METHODS Between January 1991 and December 2000, 312 consecutive open-heart procedures in neonates (180 males, 132 females) were studied(More)
BACKGROUND Prolonged pleural effusion following Fontan operation is common and increases morbidity and hospital length of stay. Vasopressin (VP), a neurohypophysial hormone, has numerous effects on the cardiovascular system. The most notable is increased peripheral vascular resistance, but it may also reduce capillary leakage by tightening endothelial(More)
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