Mohammed T. Lazim

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Various aspects related to controlling induction motors are investigated. Different control strategies are explored. The direct torque control (DTC) strategy is studied in details and its relation to space vector modulation (SVM) is emphasized. An SVM-based DTC strategy is suggested and a controller design based on this strategy is presented. A Simulink(More)
Several configurations of balanced three-phase series <i>RL</i> loads are investigated to consider the feasibility of using thyristor control with integral-cycle triggering. The four-wire star-connected load, with pairs of thyristors in the supply lines and the delta-connection with pairs of thyristors in the load legs, are found to be suitable. Both(More)
Modulation techniques can be used in thyristor circuits to obtain frequency changing that is useful for ac motor speed control. Some of the modulation techniques result in three-phase applied voltage waveforms that contain subharmonics of the supply (carrier) frequency as well as higher harmonics. An analytical technique is developed for predicting the(More)
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