Mohammed Shokry A Ammar

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 A coral damage index (CDI) is provided, to screen sites to obtain a perspective on the extent and severity of physical damage to coral. Sites are listed as “hot spots” if in any transect the percent of broken coral colonies (BCC) is greater than or equal to 4% or if the percent cover of coral rubble (CR) is greater than or equal to 3%. To demonstrate its(More)
Marine demosponges (phylum Porifera) are rich sources for potent bioactive compounds. With the establishment of the primmorph system from sponges, especially from Suberites domuncula, the technology to cultivate sponge cells in vitro improved considerably. This progress was possible after the elucidation that sponges are provided with characteristic(More)
Eighteen sites along the southern Egyptian Red Sea coastline were surveyed for the organ pipe coral Tubipora musica with reference to relative abundance of juveniles, adults, flourishing live, traces of recently collected, traces of older collected and dead colonies. The study was done using a 30-m long graded tape, throughout the period April 2004 to(More)
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