Mohammed Shimi

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Radiocarpal dislocation is an uncommon entity in traumatolgy. The purpose of this study was to detail the pathogenesis of radiocarpal dislocation and describe its complications and treatment. Nine radiocarpal dislocations were reviewed retrospectively. Dorsal displacement was observed for seven dislocations, anterior displacement for two dislocations. All(More)
Soft tissue metastases from pancreatic adenocarcinoma are rare lesions and can be the source of diagnostic confusion both clinically and pathologically. To our knowledge, one patient has been reported on with soft tissue lesions that ultimately disclose a pancreatic adenocarcinoma. We report here on a patient who presented with a metastatic soft tissue(More)
The treatment of intra-articular fractures of the base of the first metacarpal bone should aim to anatomically reduce the articular surface, restore the initial length of the first metacarpal and preserve the opening of the first web space. These objectives appear to be achievable with a well-conducted surgical treatment. In a retrospective study, we(More)
Fractures of the talus are uncommon, and talar body fractures in the sagittal plane are still rarer. The aim of its treatment is urgent anatomic reduction to restore congruency of the ankle and to reduce the risk of avascular necrosis by preserving any remaining blood supply. We report the case of a body talar fracture in sagittal plane associated with(More)
Only 4 cases of isolated posterior dislocation of the radial head in adults have been reported in the English-language literature. We describe 2 cases with a clear mechanism of injury and present a concise review of the literature.
PURPOSE To develop profile of the victims and to study circumstances, causes of death and autopsy findings. METHODS Retrospective study of cases of sudden death in sport activity whose autopsy was performed in forensic department of Tunis, between January 2005 and December 2009. RESULTS During study period, 32 cases of SD in sport activity were(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study is to present the benefit of using the transvers acetabular ligament for intraoperative determination of the anteversion of acetabular component. METHODS Twenty-one total hip arthroplasties were performed. The transverse acetabular ligament was identified and used as a guide to position the acetabular component. RESULTS(More)
L'ostéotomie de Scarf constitue une technique chirurgicale bien décrite, grâce à ses résultats excellents, elle est considérée comme un traitement de choix de l’hallux valgus. Le but de ce travail est de décrire le profil épidémiologique et radio-clinique des hallux valgus, ainsi qu’évaluer les résultats radiologiques et fonctionnels des patients traités(More)
Le but de cette étude est de présenter l'expérience du service de chirurgie ostéoarticulaire B4, de CHU Hassan II de Fès Maroc, dans la prise en charge chirurgicale des cals vicieux des deux os de l'avant-bras. C'est une étude rétrospective étalée entre janvier 2008 et décembre 2011 incluant onze cas de cal vicieux de l'avant-bras chez des adultes, colligés(More)