Mohammed Shareef

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Low water consumption in rural areas in Jordan had resulted in the production of concentrated grey water. Average COD, BOD and TSS values were 2568mg/l, 1056mg/l and 845mg/l, respectively. The average grey water generation was measured to be 14L/c.d. Three different treatment options were selected based on certain criterions, and discussed in this article.(More)
Now a day's the medium of communicating the information is through the internet and there are enough hackers to hack the information because the data has transferred through covert channels. The information will encrypt using cryptographic algorithms and the cipher text can see by a third - party adversary and by applying cryptanalysis the information can(More)
Wilson's disease presenting as fulminant hepatic failure is a rare presentation that carries a high morbidity and mortality. We report a young patient who developed fulminant hepatic failure as the initial manifestation of Wilson's disease. Virtually undetectable serum alkaline phosphatase provided the first clue to the diagnosis. Our patient underwent a(More)
Remote Desktop controller is the software used to control computers remotely using other computing devices in network. The software allows the users to communicate with the computer remotely using an Android phones. The user can see the computer display output right in his Android phone and can also give input to the computer using the Android phone just as(More)
In-vivo studies have suggested the anti-rheumatic and immunomodulatory properties of the methanolic extract of the plant Anisomeles malabarica R.Br. However, the mechanism of action of this plant in the modulation of inflammation using the various in vitro models has not been explored earlier. Hence, the current investigation was undertaken to study the(More)
Drug-induced phototoxicity can be caused by topical or systemic agents and is diagnosed on the basis of clinical history, examination and appropriate investigations. Photopatch testing is the investigation of choice for topical photocontact allergic dermatitis, but its use in drug-induced phototoxicity has not been validated. We retrospectively analyzed the(More)
Fault injection involves the deliberate insertion of faults or errors into software in order to determine its response and to study its behaviour. Fault Injection Experiments have proven to be an effective method for measuring and studying response of defects, validating fault-tolerant systems, and observing how systems behave in the presence of faults.(More)
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