Mohammed Shabeer

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Use of a single N/spl times/N wavelength multiplexer, to interconnect optically off order N/sup 2/ terminals without the use of space switches (hence switchless), is limited by call blocking and crosstalk in the multiplexer. Since all ports re-use the same wavelengths, poor crosstalk can cause severe homodyne beat-noise, particularly in planar N/spl times/N(More)
Phase-induced intensity noise (PIIN) is a multipath interference effect. Several geometries giving rise to PIIN have been reported, including deliberate delays in all-fiber bit-rate limiters,1 reflections2 and Rayleigh backscatter in multistage amplified fiber links,3 and cross talk in wavelength-division multiplexed and optical time-division multiplexed(More)
A fiber-optic bipolar tap implementation is described. The proposed scheme utilizes 2's complement-number representation and digital multiplication by an analog convolution algorithm. Simple experimental verification of the scheme is presented. The addition of programmability to the taps results in the realization of a fast, flexible processor for(More)
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