Mohammed Sbihi

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This paper considers a single machine scheduling problem with several mainte-nances periods. Specically, two situations are investigated. In the rst one, maintenance periods are periodically xed: maintenance is required after a periodic time interval. In the second one, the maintenance is not xed but the maximum continuous working time of the machine which(More)
Stability of the essential spectrum for 2D–transport models with Maxwell boundary conditions. Abstract We discuss the spectral properties of collisional semigroups associated to various models from transport theory by exploiting the links between the so-called resolvent approach and the semigroup approach. Precisely, we show that the essential spectrum of(More)
In order to efficiently and robustly land more aircraft on two parallel runways, search the conflict-free and less-delay reroute for arrival aircraft, we plan to control arrival aircraft with a novel trajectory operation model named Multi-layer Point Merge System (ML-PM). In this paper, firstly the notional example of ML-PM system is introduced, the(More)
In this note, we propose to revisit the approximate stationary Hamilton-Jacobi equations and analyse the corresponding solutions following certain properties of the hamiltonian. This enables us to give a characterization of the zero set of the limiting solution. We also remark that the analysis can be applied for evolution equations with a time periodic(More)
In this study, we propose a Simulated Annealing (SA) method to solve the problem of designing multiple Standard Instrument Departure (SID) routes and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STAR) in Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA) with optimal lengths. This work extends our previous work (J. Zhou et al., 2015) for the design of one optimal route. The design of(More)
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