Mohammed Sayed Al Esawy

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The formation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces is the main hurdle in optimum operation of thermal desalination units. It is, therefore, common practice to operate these units i.e. MSF under sub-atmospheric pressure to boil saline water below saturation temperature of which depositions occurs. However this comes with high price-tag for excessive use of(More)
The increased deterioration of existing groundwater resources and gradual decline in costs of freshwater water production, have given new impetus to the use of desalination plants in arid lands. Nonetheless, the formation of scale on heat transfer surfaces could profoundly reduce the efficiency of thermal desalination plants. The widely used practice to(More)
The present prime concern in dentistry is on preservation of remaining natural teeth. Presence of few teeth in oral cavity help in preserving alveolar ridge integrity, maintain the proprioception, and gives psychological benefit to the patient. Transitional denture provides us with alternative treatment plan for the patients willing to replace their missing(More)
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