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Today, web is growing rapidly, the users get easily lost in the web's rich hyper structure. The primary goal of the web site owner is to provide the relevant information to the users to fulfill their needs. Web mining technique is used to categorize users and pages by analyzing users behavior, the content of pages and order of URLs accessed. This paper(More)
The aim of this work is the combination of radial basis function networks (RBF) and fuzzy techniques to enhance the sliding mode controllers. In fact, three RBFs networks were used to estimate the model parameters and to respond to model variation and disturbances, a sequential training algorithm based on Kalman filter was implemented, and to eliminate the(More)
Le présent article relevant du domaine de l'Automatique en général, et de l'Intelligence Artificielle en particulier, est consacré à l'utilisation des réseaux de neurones pour la commande d'un système dynamique non-linéaire. Il constitue une contribution de l'Intelligence Artificielle pour l'analyse et la commande des systèmes dynamiques. L'approche(More)
The present paper is dedicated for the presentation and implementation of an optimized technique allowing an online adjustment of the fuzzy controller parameters. Indeed, we have obtained an on-line optimized zero order Takagi-Sugeno type FIS. This method is simple and safe since, it leads to very quick and efficient optimization technique. A comparison(More)
Self localization of mobile autonomous systems is fundamental step in various applications, such as assistant navigation systems for blind people or smart house appliances. This paper presents a novel framework for Vision-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping which focuses on the class of indoor mobile robots using only a monocular camera. A method to(More)
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