Mohammed Saleem

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Cereal leaf protoplasts are extremely difficult to culture (recalcitrant) in vitro. There have been few reports of division and the protoplasts typically exhibit excessive enlargement and vacuolization with reduced cell wall deposition. Inasmuch as leaf base explants are capable of callus formation in vitro, protoplasts derived from this tissue must have(More)
Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) signaling is reported in variety of cell types, including immune, endothelial and cancerous cells. It is emerging as a crucial regulator of cellular processes, such as apoptosis, cell proliferation, migration, differentiation and so on. This signaling pathway is initiated by the intracellular production and secretion of S1P(More)
Nisin inhibits bacterial growth by generating pores in cell membrane and interrupting cell-wall biosynthesis through specific lipid II interaction. However, the role of the hinge region and C-terminus residues of the peptide in antibacterial action of nisin is largely unknown. Here, using molecular dynamics simulations and experimental approach, we report(More)
BACKGROUND A serious worldwide effort to strengthen research based knowledge translation (KT) has begun in recent years and some countries, particularly developed ones, are trying to incorporate KT in their health and health research systems. Keeping in mind the recent economic depression and the need to perform more efficient research, we aimed to assess(More)
The cell wall regeneration on protoplasts derived from maize mesophyll cells was compared with wall regeneration on protoplasts derived from suspension cultured cells using light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry. The time course of cell wall regeneration has shown that the mesophyll protoplasts regenerated walls much(More)
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Recently bit sequential multiplier algorithms have been found more useful in the area of interconnection of multiple processors within a VLSI structure [1], [2]. The object of the present paper is to suggest modified bit sequential algorithms to achieve more speed and to attain its conformity with other algorithms such as division, square-rooting etc. with(More)
The work investigates the role of interfacial potential in defining antimicrobial propensity of ZnO nanoparticle (ZnONP) against different Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. ZnONPs with positive and negative surface potential are tested against different bacteria with varying surface potentials, ranging -14.7 to -23.6 mV. Chemically synthesized(More)