Mohammed Said Radjef

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This paper deals to solve the one dimensional bin-packing problem with conflicts. The conflicts are represented by a graph whose nodes are the items, and adjacent items cannot be packed into the same bin. We propose an adaptation of Minimum Bin Slack heuristic also with a combination of heuristics based on the uses of the classical bin-packing methods to(More)
In this paper, we are concerned with a nondifferentiable multiobjective programming problem with inequality constraints. We introduce four new classes of generalized convex functions by combining the concepts of weak strictly pseudoinvex, strong pseudoinvex, weak quasi invex, weak pseudoinvex and strong quasi invex functions in Aghezzaf and Hachimi [Numer.(More)
In this paper, the well-known forwarder's dilemma is generalized by accounting for the presence of link quality fluctuations; the forwarder's dilemma is a four-node interaction model with two source nodes and two destination nodes. It is known to be very useful to study ad hoc networks. To characterize the long-term utility region when the source nodes have(More)
In the present paper we investigate the equilibrium customer behavior in a single server Markovian M<sup>2</sup>/M/1 queue with batch arrivals of two customers. We examine the various cases with respect to the level of information available to customers before they make this decision. More specifically, at their arrival epoch, the customers may or may not(More)