Mohammed Said Radjef

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In this paper, we are concerned with a nondifferentiable multiobjective programming problem with inequality constraints. We introduce four new classes of generalized convex functions by combining the concepts of weak strictly pseudoinvex, strong pseudoinvex, weak quasi invex, weak pseudoinvex and strong quasi invex functions in Aghezzaf and Hachimi [Numer.(More)
This paper is a contribution to the problem of existence of ideal Nash equilibrium in noncooperative multicriteria games in strategic form. We give an existence theorem by using the maximal element theorem due to Deguire et al. [P. Deguire, K.K. Tan, G.X.-Z. Yuan, The study of maximal elements, fixed points for Ls -majorized mappings and their applications(More)
Constraint programming and game theory are two active research domains providing a powerful framework for modeling and solving several important applications in computer science, artificial intelligence and decision aiding in general. However, only little attention has been paid to their possible connexions and relationships. In this paper, we first prove(More)
We propose a novel approach for data clustering based on sequential multi-objective multi-act games (ClusSMOG). It automatically determines the number of clusters and optimises simultaneously the inertia and the connectivity objectives. The approach consists of three structured steps. The first step identifies initial clusters and calculates a set of(More)