Mohammed S Alqahtani

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Novel biodegradable micelles were synthesized by conjugating methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (mPEG) to zein, a biodegradable hydrophobic plant protein. The mPEG-zein micelles were in the size range of 95-125 nm with a low CMC (5.5 × 10(-2) g/L). The micelles were nonimmunogenic and were stable upon dilution with buffer as well as 10% serum. Curcumin, an(More)
The study was aimed at systematically investigating the influence of shell composition on the particle size, stability, release, cell uptake, permeability, and in vivo gastrointestinal distribution of food protein based nanocarriers for oral delivery applications. Three different core-shell nanocarriers were prepared using food-grade biopolymers including(More)
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