Mohammed S. Al-Numay

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Perfect output tracking, which requires inversion of the input–output dynamics, is not always a practical control objective. Difficulties are encountered for systems with zeros which are unstable, or stable but lightly damped. When the zeros are unacceptable in the above sense, perfect output tracking would require the control to be either unbounded, or(More)
The dynamic behavior and stability analysis of a quadratic boost converter for high conversion ratio applications is addressed. After studying the stability of the system by using the monodromy matrix, a closed form stability condition is used for predicting the boundary of subharmonic oscillation in the system in terms of the duty cycle and the slope of(More)
This paper extends the results of discrete-time averaged model presented before to include the effect of feedback loop in the PWM system. This model provides the exact one-cycle-average (OCA) values of the output signal with the presence of feedback even at low switching frequency. This model also provides the accurate OCA values considering non-ideality in(More)
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