Mohammed Rizk

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There are some problems that need expertise in order to get a satisfactory solution. Ferryboat carries goods, fresh water, diesil oil, luggage and storing rooms up to its permissible draft, in order to maintain safety according to the international safety regulations. The best weight distribution on Ferryboat needs human expertise to handle many variables,(More)
A Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS) has been coupled to the outlet of a Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC), to measure volatile organic compounds (VOC) concentration during a sorption experiments (Rizk et al., this issue) [1]. The limits of detection of the PTR-MS for three VOCs are presented for different time resolution (2, 10 and(More)
Investing in the bulk carrier market constitutes risky investment due to the volatility of the bulk carrier earning rates. Shipowners invariably take several quotations before making an order for building a new ship. Shipbuilding process has indeed swung upwards or downwards depending upon the number of shipyards competing for a given volume of orders, and(More)
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