Mohammed Rakib

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This paper deals with an experimental study on millimetre-size electrochemically evolved hydrogen bubbles. A method to generate gas bubbles controlled in number, size at detachment and place on a flat electrode is reported. Partially wetted composite islands are implemented on a polished metal substrate. As long as the island size is lower than a limit(More)
A systematic approach to develop mesoscopic models for a series of linear anionic surfactants (CH3(CH2)n - 1OSO3Na, n = 6, 9, 12, 15) by dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) simulations is presented in this work. The four surfactants are represented by coarse-grained models composed of the same head group and different numbers of identical tail beads. The(More)
The autoprotolysis constant KHS of formic acid/water mixtures as solvent has been calculated from acid-base potentiometric titration curves. A correlation of the acidity scale pKHS of each media vs. that of pure water has been implemented owing to the electrochemical redox function R°(H + ) of Strehlow. The results show that formic acid/water mixtures are(More)
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