Mohammed Ouassaid

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Induction motors are critical components in industrial processes since their failure usually lead to an unexpected interruption at the industrial plant. The studies of induction motor behavior during abnormal conditions and the possibility to diagnose different types of faults have been a challenging topic for many electrical machine researchers. In this(More)
This study presents a comparison of linear and nonlinear control to regulate the DC-link voltage and power factor correction of a wind farm equipped with squirrel cage induction generators (SCIGs), connecting to a 22-kV distribution network. Both active and reactive powers are employed in 2 independent control laws. The proposed control strategies are(More)
Maximum power points tracking (MPPT) techniques are widely utilized in photovoltaic (PV) systems to operate at the peak power of PV array which depends on solar and ambient temperature. Between all the MPPT strategies, the incremental conductance (INC) algorithm is extensively employed due to the high tracking accuracy at steady state and good adaptability(More)
Electricity demand forecasting is vitally important for power production companies. It has many applications, including energy production scheduling, maintenance and operation of electric network, elaboration of accurate investment and development plans for transmission and distribution networks, negotiation of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and(More)
This paper presents architecture for smart grid elements and concepts modeling. We choose the Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) technology, because it meets this new generation network's requirements and objectives. There is a need of potential redesign and jeopardize of the traditional electrical networks. As several huge blackouts happened this last decade, they(More)
The temperature and the wind effect on the PV module is very important to analyze even if the PV spec sheet specify the nominal parameters. Indeed, in Moroccan climate, the response of the polycrystalline PV panel, the most used technology, should be studied and investigated. The present work looks into the output power in the fixed panel and in the two(More)
Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques are widely applied in photovoltaic system to produce the maximum power of the PV generator. In this paper, we presented a modified variable step size P&O MPPT algorithm. The proposed method can greatly improve the response time and precision MPPT steady state simultaneously. The proposed approach has been(More)
Abstract : This paper investigates the efficiency of the Photovoltaic (PV) array. The proposed model is based on a DC-DC boost converter and a three-phase grid connected DC-AC inverter. This structure is used to provide the flexibility of the system and the quality of the generated waves. In order to improve the efficiency of the Photovoltaic array, a(More)
The energy debate is at the heart of any political or economic strategy, also the real risk of depletion of non-renewable energy sources in the long term make us look more and more renewable energy sources. This brings us inevitably to the question of scientific research and technological innovation, which today enables to find solutions to the(More)