Mohammed Naveed Yasin

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In recent years mechanical systems have been developed that more closely mimic the full dynamic, physical and biochemical complexity of the GI Tract. The development of these complex systems raises the possibility that they could be used to support formulation development of poorly soluble compounds and importantly may be able to replace clinical BE studies(More)
Total knee arthroplasty in neuropathic (Charcot) joints is technically demanding. Most studies report significant improvement in knee function, despite a high incidence of complications. We present a case of idiopathic, unilateral neuropathic arthropathy of the knee treated with a modular stemmed, constrained total knee arthroplasty. Unscrewing of the stem(More)
Segmental forearm fractures are rare in children, and management is controversial. Epiphyseal injuries further complicate matters. We report the case of a 15-year-old boy who had segmental radius and ulna fractures with a coronal split of a metaphyseal fragment, along with bilateral epiphyseal fractures of the distal radius and ulna as well as ipsilateral(More)
The quality of drinking water has always been a major health concern, especially in developing countries, where 80 % of the disease cases are attributed to inadequate sanitation and use of polluted water. The inaccessibility of potable water to large segment of a population in the rural communities is the major health concern in most part of developing(More)
In this study an advanced multisampling site pig model, with simultaneous venous blood sampling pre- and post liver, was applied to quantify the role of the intestine in relation to the liver in first-pass glucuronidation of raloxifene in vivo. The pharmacokinetic of raloxifene (a BCS/BDDCS class II compound) in humans is characterized by extensive(More)
In this acute study a pig jejunal intestinal perfusion model with multiple plasma sampling sites and three different administration routes was used to investigate the quantitative contribution of the intestine versus liver to the first-pass extraction of each enantiomer of verapamil (VER). A subclinical dose of ketoconazole (8 mg) was coadministered in the(More)
Predicting oral bioavailability (Foral) is of importance for estimating systemic exposure of orally administered drugs. Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling and simulation have been applied extensively in biopharmaceutics recently. The Oral Biopharmaceutical Tools (OrBiTo) project (Innovative Medicines Initiative) aims to develop and(More)
Gracilis and semitendinosus tendons are commonly used as grafts in ligamentous reconstruction. Awareness of accessory bands of these tendons is essential in preventing inadvertent diversion of the tendon harvester into the main tendon resulting in premature tendon amputation and inadequate tendon graft. The aim of this study was to describe the(More)
The experiment was conducted to determine the supplementary feeding value of ground Prosopis juliflora pod (Pjp) and cottonseed meal (CSM) and their mixtures on feed intake, body weight gain and carcass parameters of Afar sheep fed a basal diet of pasture hay. Twenty-five yearling fat-tailed Afar rams with mean initial live weight 17.24 ± 1.76 kg (mean ±(More)
Three Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic software packages (GI-Sim, Simcyp® Simulator, and GastroPlus™) were evaluated as part of the Innovative Medicine Initiative Oral Biopharmaceutics Tools project (OrBiTo) during a blinded "bottom-up" anticipation of human pharmacokinetics. After data analysis of the predicted vs. measured pharmacokinetics(More)