Mohammed N. Abdulazim

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1 INTRODUCTION The competitiveness of the satellite in access communication systems is today more and more threatened by the considerable continuous progress seen in terrestrial fixed and wireless communications networks. Nevertheless satellites still represent an attractive solution for broadcasting, multicasting and point-to-point communications, because(More)
Within modern satellite communication scenarios, different users demand different bandwidths. Hence, digital processors should allow for flexible processing of FDM−signals for meeting these requirements. In that scope, two mutually exclusive processor tasks are distinguished: i) mere demultiplexing of independent FDM−signals and ii) demultiplexing of(More)
— Modern satellite communication calls for novel and flexible concepts for de-and remultiplexing of wide-band FDM-signals in conjunction with beam switching on-board a satellite. For this application, two highly efficient approaches to uniform and yet reconfigurable digital filter banks are known: i) the complex-modulated polyphase filter bank, and ii) the(More)
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