Mohammed Musa Suleiman

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activity of the crude methanol extract of Xylopia aethiopica against Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in rats. ABSTRACT Xylopia aethiopica A. Rich (X. aethiopica; Annonaceae) is used commonly in Nigeria by traditional herbalists and pastoralists to control gastrointestinal helminth parasites. The anthelmintic effect of the crude methanol extract was evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND The poultry industry due to intensive methods of farming is burdened with losses from numerous infectious agents, of which one is the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus. In a preliminary study, the extracts of Loxostylis alata A. Spreng, ex Rchb. showed good activity in vitro against A. fumigatus with a minimum inhibitory concentration of 0.07 mg/ml.(More)
effect of the crude methanol extract of Terminalia avicennioides in rats. aBSTRaCT The effect of different doses of methanol extract of terminalia avicennioides (Combretaceae) on acute mucosal damage induced by 0.6 M HCl and on mucus production in the stomach of rats was studied. Animals treated with t. avicennioides at a dose of 350 mg/kg showed a(More)
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