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The lipoidal matters of Corallina officinalis L. showed a seasonal nonsignificant quantitative variation. However, the fatty acids revealed a relative increase in the summer and winter, while unsaponifiable matter exhibited a slight increase in the spring. The GC/MS analysis of saponifiable and unsaponifiable matter of the algal samples collected in(More)
The total herb of Diplotaxis harra Forsk. on treatment with myrosinase produces isopropyl isothiocyanate and 3- butenyl isothiocyanate in addition to (the non-volatile) 2-hydroxy-3-butenyl isothiocyanate which could be obtained as 5-vinyl-2-oxazolidinethione (goitrin) and methyl 4-isothiocyanatobutyrate (Erypestrin). On treating Erucaria microcarpa Boiss,(More)
The process of modeling and classifications of viruses that belong to a specific family is an important for biologist and for many biological applications. There are many ways for Viruses families' classification. The degree of similarity or diversity among the structure of the viruses capsid proteins is very useful in studying the Viruses(More)
Petrol pipe lines are subjected to different types of malfunction. The malfunction can happen due to technical faults or it may be due to a gangsters attack on the petrol pipes in order to hinder the petrol pumping operations.. The damage of the petrol pipes causes a loss of a large amount of petrol from the pipe lines. Petrol pipe damage also causes fires(More)
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