Mohammed Misbahuddin

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Recently, Das, Saxena and Gulati proposed a dynamic Id based remote user authentication scheme that allows the users to choose and change their passwords freely and does not maintain verifier table. But their scheme has few weaknesses and cannot achieve mutual authentica-tion. In 2005, Liao, Lee and Hwang showed that Das et al. scheme is vulnerable to(More)
Password based authentication schemes are commonly used to authenticate remote users. Many schemes have been proposed both with and without smart cards but each have its own merits and demer-its. This paper analyzes the security of an enhanced Dynamic ID based remote user authentication scheme and shows that the enhanced scheme has major security(More)
The stimulatory effect of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) on catecholamine (CA) secretion from isolated guinea pig adrenal chromaffin cell was studied. VIP (1-10 microM) induced dose-dependent CA secretion, which was slow and continued for at least 30 min. This VIP-induced CA secretion was dependent on the presence of Ca2+ in the medium, but no(More)
Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems generally aims at detecting / preventing attacks against Information systems and networks. The basic task of IDPS is to monitor network & system traffic for any malicious packets/patterns and hence to prevent any unwarranted incidents which leads the systems to insecure state. The monitoring is done by checking each(More)
Authentication is considered as one of the critical aspects of Information security to ensure identity. Authentication is generally carried out using conventional authentication methods such as text based passwords, but considering the increased usage of electronic services a user has to remember many id-password pairs which often leads to memorability(More)
With the significant advances in communication networks over the last few decades, smart cards have been widely used in many e-commerce applications and network security protocols due to their low cost, portability, efficiency and cryptographic properties. In this paper, we analyze Sood et al. " s smart card based authentication scheme and demonstrate that(More)
The emerging Cloud computing technology, offering computing resources as a service is gaining increasing attention of both the public and private sector. For the whole hearted adoption of Cloud, the service providers need to ensure that only valid users gain access to the services and data residing within the provider's premises. Ensuring secure access to(More)
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