Mohammed M. Shalaby

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—A second-order microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) filter with high selectivity and sharp rolloff is required in wireless transceivers used in dense wireless sensor networks (WSNs). These sensors are expected to replace existing wired sensors used in industrial-plant management and environmental monitoring. These filters, together with MEMS-based(More)
This paper presents the design optimization of a RF-MEMS direct contact cantilever switch for minimum actuation voltage and opening time, and maximum power handling capability. The design variables are the length and thickness of the entire cantilever, the widths of the sections of the cantilever, and the dimple size. The actuation voltage is obtained using(More)
Micro mechanical (MEMS) switches have sought for many promising applications due to its high power handling capability and low insertion loss compared to the solid-state counterparts. Despite these technological advantages, their reliability still requires much improvement. One of the dominant failure modes of such MEMS switches is buckling due to residual(More)
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