Mohammed M. El-Arman

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A total of 21 children with fascioliasis (8 males and 13 females) with mean age of 10.4 years, 8 children with schistosomiasis mansoni (6 males and 2 females) with mean age of 11.37 years were treated with Myrrh (Mirazid) which is an oleo-gum resin from the stem of Commiphora molmol tree (Family Burseraceae). Also, ten healthly cross matched children were(More)
Aggrecan and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) which are important degradation products of articular cartilage may be promising diagnostic markers in serum and/or synovial fluid for diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis (OA). Our objective was to measure serum and synovial fluid levels of aggrecan and COMP in patients with OA of the knee joint to find(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess growth hormone (GH)/insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) axis as a possible non-nutritional factor for growth retardation in children with cerebral palsy (CP). METHODS A case-control study was conducted at a tertiary university hospital. Thirty children with CP (seven children with normal growth [CP-N] and 23 with retarded growth(More)
Background: Both nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and chronic hepatitis C (CHC) are frequent causes of chronic liver disease. Questions remain regarding the etiology of steatosis and steatohepatitis in hepatitis C, and its impact on disease progression and treatment outcomes. Objectives: To estimate the association of NAFLD with CHC and to evaluate(More)
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