Mohammed Lahmer

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This paper presents a new class of Quasi-Cyclic One Step Majority logic codes of 1/2 rate constructed from perfect difference set. Theses codes can be encoded with low complexity, and perform very well when decoded with the Iterative threshold decoding algorithm. Much of these codes is a subfamily of the LDPC codes and can be decoded using belief(More)
Majority logic decoding (MLD) codes are very powerful thanks to the simplicity of the decoder. Nevertheless, to find constructive families of these codes has been recognized to be a hard job. Also, the majority of known MLD codes are cyclic which are limited in the range of the rates. In this paper a new adaptation of the Iterative threshold decoding(More)
In this paper we present a study of the impact of connection schemes on the performance of iterative decoding of Generalized Parallel Concatenated block (GPCB) constructed from one step majority logic decodable (OSMLD) codes and we propose a new connection scheme for decoding them. All iterative decoding connection schemes use a soft-input soft-output(More)
The security issues of RFID technology have been subject of a large number of research documents for over a decade. Several protocols have been developed to ensure reliable access control, namely a family of lightweight authentication protocols since Hopper and Blum proposed the HB protocol in 2001. Taking into account security and performance aspects, we(More)
This paper investigates the construction and iterative threshold decoding of low rate Quasi-Cyclic One Step Majority logic codes based on combinatorial designs. These codes are constructed with two type of difference family: cyclic disjoint difference sets and cyclic disjoint difference family. They can be encoded with low complexity, and perform very well(More)
Today the error correcting codes are present in all the telecom standards, in particular the low density parity check (LDPC) codes. The choice of a good code for a given network is essentially linked to the decoding performance obtained by the bit error rate (BER) curves. This approach requires a significant simulation time proportional to the length of the(More)
Machine-Type-Communication (MTC), also known as Machine to Machine (M2M) communication is one of the emerging technologies in mobile broadband networks such as LTE (Long Term Evolution) known as a key technology for the future. Several problems occur in the presence of massive M2M communications, such as the congestion at the radio access because of(More)
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