Mohammed Khennich

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A numerical model of subcritical and trans-critical power cycles using a fixed-flowrate low-temperature heat source has been validated and used to calculate the combinations of the maximum cycle pressure (Pev) and the difference between the source temperature and the maximum working fluid temperature (DT) which maximize the thermal efficiency (ηth) or(More)
Abstract: The evaluation of the thermodynamic performance of the mutual transformation of different kinds of exergy linked to the intensive thermodynamic parameters of the flow inside the ejector of a refrigeration system is undertaken. Two thermodynamic metrics, exergy produced and exergy consumed, are introduced to assess these transformations. Their(More)
The Carnot factor versus enthalpy variation (heat) diagram has been used extensively for the second law analysis of heat transfer processes. With enthalpy variation (heat) as the abscissa and the Carnot factor as the ordinate the area between the curves representing the heat exchanging media on this diagram illustrates the exergy losses due to the transfer.(More)
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