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The clinical course and eventual outcome, or prognosis, of complex diseases varies enormously between affected individuals. This variability critically determines the impact a disease has on a patient's life but is very poorly understood. Here, we exploit existing genome-wide association study data to gain insight into the role of genetics in prognosis. We(More)
In the present study, N and S assimilation, antioxidant enzymes activity, and yield were studied in N and S-treated plants of Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. & Coss. (cvs. Chuutki and Radha) under salt stress. The treatments were given as follows: (1) NaCl90 mM+N0S0 mg kg-1 sand (control), (2) NaCl90 mM+N60S0 mg kg-1 sand, (3) NaCl90 mM+N60S20 mg kg-1 sand, (4)(More)
Little is known about how drought stress influences plant secondary metabolite accumulation and how this affects plant defense against different aphids. We therefore cultivated Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) plants under well-watered, drought, and water-logged conditions. Two aphid species were selected for this study: the generalist Myzus persicae (Sulzer) and(More)
Community health worker programs have emerged as one of the most effective strategies to address human resources for health shortages while improving access to and quality of primary healthcare. Many developing countries have succeeded in deploying community health worker programs in recognition of the potential of community health workers to identify,(More)
'Organs-on-chips' are microengineered biomimetic systems containing microfluidic channels lined by living human cells, which replicate key functional units of living organs to reconstitute integrated human organ-level pathophysiology in vitro. These microdevices can be used to test efficacy and toxicity of drugs and chemicals, and to create in vitro models(More)
— Abstract— The feasibility of low-cost, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) sensor nodes is studied in a distributed network, aiming at dynamic surveillance and tracking of ground targets. Data acquisition by the low-cost (< $50 US) miniature radar is described. We demonstrate the detection, ranging and velocity estimation capabilities of the mini-radar, and(More)
an interesting conversation with Richard Cox, who also provided helpful comments. I am grateful to both, to Mishuk Chowdhury and Mohammed Khan for helpful assistance, and to Donald Freeman for thoughtful comments. Through a series of fortunate events, Helen Tashima graciously provided the missing link–elusive information on key variables. A general debt to(More)
The data contained in this document may not be modified in any way. Cost estimates described or summarized in this document were generated as part of a preliminary concept study, are model-based, assume a JPL in-house build, and do not constitute a commitment on the part of JPL or Caltech. References to work months, work years, or FTEs generally combine(More)