Mohammed Khalifa

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Tailgut cyst (TGC), also called retrorectal hamartoma, is a rare congenital lesion arising from persistent remnants of the postanal gut. Malignant transformation of TGC is exceedingly uncommon. We report herein the clinicopathologic features and the follow-up of a new case of a TGC with adenocarcinomatous transformation occurring in a 61 year-old woman.
We describe the case of a 26-year-old patient with a perivascular epithelioid cell tumour (PEComa) involving the 5th lumbar vertebra. Radiological findings, pathological features and treatment are presented. We conclude that PEComas should be considered in the differential diagnosis of vertebral lesions.
Liver fibrosis recognition is an important issue in diagnostic imaging. The accurate estimation of liver fibrosis stages is important to establish prognosis and to guide appropriate treatment decisions. Liver biopsy has been for many years the reference procedure to assess histological definition for liver diseases. But biopsy measurement is an invasive(More)
INTRODUCTION The physiological reserve of extreme elderly patients is very limited and has major impact on clinical decisions on their management. Hereby we report a 90-year-old man who presented with a strangulated epigastric hernia and who developed postoperative intra-abdominal bleeding, and highlight the value of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in(More)
In diagnosis of prostatic disorders the authors used as an adjuvant method NMR tomography employed after previous morphologic verification of the diagnosis. The authors describe most common tomographic characteristics of chronic prostatitis, adenoma and cancer of the prostate. It is concluded that NMR tomography is most beneficial in complicated diagnostic(More)
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