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Plasma parameters in a planar dc-sputtering discharge in argon were measured by cylindrical electrostatic probe (Langmuir probe).Electron density, electron temperature, floating potential, and space potential were monitored as a function of working discharge pressure. Electrostatic probe and supporting circuit were described and used to plot the current –(More)
Preterm birth brings considerable emotional and economic costs to families and society. However, despite extensive research into understanding the risk factors, the prediction of patient mechanisms and improvements to obstetrical practice, the UK National Health Service still annually spends more than £2.95 billion on this issue. Diagnosis of labour(More)
Recent technology advances based on smart devices have improved the medical facilities and become increasingly popular in association with realtime health monitoring and remote/personals health-care. Healthcare organisations are still required to pay more attention for some improvements in terms of cost-effectiveness and maintaining efficiency, and avoid(More)
The increase growth of health information systems has provided a significant way to deliver great change in medical domains. Up to this date, the majority of medical centres and hospitals continue to use manual approaches for determining the correct medication dosage for sickle cell disease. Such methods depend completely on the experience of medical(More)
This paper examines the current relationships between pharmaceutical companies and patients, to understand the barriers they face when trying to engage with one another and also assessing the feasibility of using social media to break these barriers, to overall increase patient support and trust. Extensive research is conducted through the literature(More)
Intelligent systems and smart devices have played the major role in improving the healthcare organisation in terms of continuous tele-monitoring therapy and maintaining telemedicine management system for sickle cell disease. The biggest challenge facing majority of patients is the fact that there is still a lack of communication with healthcare(More)
CdS doped Zn thin films have been prepared by thermal evaporation technique on glass substrate at room temperature under high vacuum of 10 mbar. These films have been annealed at different annealing temperatures (373,423,473 and 523) K. Xray diffraction studies show that the structure is nearly crystalline with preferential orientation along the (111)(More)
Floods are common natural disasters that cause severe devastation of any country. They are commonly caused by precipitation and runoff of rivers, particularly during periods of excessively high rainy season. Due to global warming issues and extreme environmental effects, flood has become a serious problem to the extent of bringing about negative impact to(More)