Mohammed K. M. Khalil

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This study evaluated the use of computer-based interactive imagery on students' achievement scores when compared with paper-based static imagery. It also assessed students' perceptions about the two imagery strategies and their different components. Sixty-four freshmen veterinary students (50 females, 14 males), enrolled in a comparative anatomy course,(More)
—This paper highlights recent research on team cognition and discusses the benefits of concept mapping techniques used in representing shared levels of understanding among team members. Team cognition is comprised of several factors including shared understanding as measured by shared mental models (SMM). To represent team shared mental models more(More)
This research is an effort to best utilize the interactive anatomical images for instructional purposes based on cognitive load theory. Three studies explored the differential effects of three computer-based instructional strategies that use anatomical cross-sections to enhance the interpretation of radiological images. These strategies include: (1)(More)
Interactive virtual human (IVH) simulations offer a novel method for training skills involving person-to-person interactions. This article examines the effectiveness of an IVH simulation for teaching medical students to assess rare cranial nerve abnormalities in both individual and small-group learning contexts. Individual (n = 26) and small-group (n = 30)(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a popular treatment option for many populations. The present work is aimed at studying the knowledge and attitude of health professionals in the Riyadh region, Saudi Arabia, toward CAM. MATERIAL AND METHODS In this cross-sectional survey, a multistage random sample was taken from health(More)
Many researchers have paid attention to the potentiality and possibility of the shared mental model because it enables teammates to perform their job better by sharing team knowledge, skills, attitudes, dynamics and environments. Even though theoretical and experimental evidences provide a close relationship between the shared mental model and successful(More)
Motivation and learning are inter-related. It is well known that motivating learners is clearly a complex endeavor, which can be influenced by the educational program and the learning environment. Limited research has been conducted to examine students' motivation as a method to assess the effectiveness of dissection in medical education. This study aimed(More)
This study measured the effect of using anatomical cross-sections to enhance the interpretation of radiological images. It examined the effectiveness of using magnetic resonance (MR or MRI) images presented side-by-side with their corresponding cross-sectional images, as compared to using only the MR images. Student aptitude to identify anatomical(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was conducted as part of an overall evaluation for an outreach program to evaluate the clinical status of all the participating children, identify management problems, if any, and offer relevant recommendations. METHODS All the participating children were subjected to a detailed clinical evaluation using a structured questionnaire(More)
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