Mohammed K. Huda

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We investigated the relationship between habit, population size, floral traits and natural fruit set levels of 23 tropical orchid species of south-east Bangladesh. We showed that epiphytic orchids had lower fruit set levels than terrestrial species and that habit explained much of the variation in floral traits among the orchids. We compared our results(More)
No comparative study of floral senescence following male function among a range of tropical orchid genera has previously been undertaken. The timing and pattern of floral senescence and occurrence of fruit formation were studied following self-, geitonogamous and cross-pollination in 14 epiphytic and two terrestrial orchid species to determine their(More)
An oil spill-food chain interaction model, composed of a multiphase oil spill model (MOSM) and a food chain model, has been developed to assess the probable impacts of oil spills on several key marine organisms (phytoplankton, zooplankton, small fish, large fish and benthic invertebrates). The MOSM predicts oil slick thickness on the water surface;(More)
Goodyera schlechtendaliana Rchb. f. of family Orchidaceae is illustrated and reported here as a new angiospermic record from Bangladesh. Goodyera R. Br. comprises of about 40 species widely distributed in the northern temperate zone, south to Mexico and east to Madagascar, SE Asia, the Pacific Islands, New Guinea and Australia (Pearce and Cribb 2002). Some(More)
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