Mohammed Jirari

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An intelligent Computer-Aided Detection system (CAD) can be very helpful in detecting and diagnosing breast abnormalities earlier and faster than typical screening programs. In this paper, a system based on Radial Basis neural networks coupled with feature extraction techniques for detecting breast abnormalities in digital mammograms is presented.(More)
Pubalgia is a generic term used to describe groin pain due to a multitude of different etiologies such as skeletal (microtraumatic pubic symphysis arthropathy), muscular (adductor or rectus abdominis disorders), or abdominal wall (inguinal hernia) disorders. Diagnosis relies mainly on MRI for musculoskeletal disorders and ultrasound for abdominal wall(More)
The evolution to a bipedal mode of locomotion was accompanied by a verticalization of the spine and a modification in the shape of the pelvis: horizontal curvature and sagittal rotation. Phylogenesis meets ontogenesis: flat bones in fetuses similar to the monkey, australopithecus features at birth and "human-like" features by 7 or 8years of age. These(More)
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