Mohammed I. Younis

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Our continuous dependencies on software (i.e. to assist as well as facilitate our daily chores) often raise dependability issue particularly when software is being employed harsh and life threatening or (safety) critical applications. Here, rigorous software testing becomes immensely important. Many combinations of possible input parameters,(More)
Software testing is an integral part of software engineering. Lack of testing often leads to disastrous consequences including loss of data, fortunes, and even lives. In order to ensure software reliability, many combinations of possible input parameters, hardware/software environments, and system configurations need to be tested and verified against for(More)
Although desirable as an important activity for quality assurances and enhancing reliability, complete and exhaustive software testing is prohibitively impossible due to resources as well as timing constraints. While earlier work has indicated that uniform pairwise testing (i.e. based on 2-way interaction of variables) can be effective to detect most faults(More)
This paper discusses the state of the art of applying combinatorial interaction testing (CIT) in conjunction with mutation testing for hardware testing. In addition, the paper discusses the art of the practice of applying CIT in normal and cumulative mode in order to derive an optimal test suite that can be used for hardware testing in a production line.(More)
T-way test data generators play an immensely important role for both hardware and software configuration testing. Earlier work concludes that t-way test data generator can achieve 100% coverage without having to regard for more than 6 way interactions. In this paper, we investigate whether or not such a conclusion can be applicable for reverse engineering(More)
Public key algorithms are extensively known to be slower than symmetric key alternatives in the a r e a of cryptographic algorithms for the reason of their basis in modular arithmetic. The most public key algorithm widely used is the RSA. Therefore, how to enhance the speed of RSA algorithm has been the research significant topic in the computer security as(More)
In this paper, a new distributed algorithm for generating test suite for t-way testing utilizing a shared tuple space server as transport layer between master and worker is presented. The design of the algorithm is based on the Map and Reduce software framework implemented using tuple space technology. The proposed algorithm requires listing all the(More)