Mohammed Hayat Ashrafi

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A survey of 325 American Board of Pedodontics Diplomates was conducted to determine the use of chloral hydrate and other sedative medications in treating young, uncooperative children needing extensive operative procedures. Seventy-one per cent of the respondents returned usable surveys. Seventyeight per cent of the Diplomates indicated they use sedative(More)
Strontium at concentrations of 0, 50 and 150 mg/l was given to rats during pregnancy and to the pups during a pre- and post-weaning period. Measurements were made on first and second mandibular molars to assess the morphology of tooth and fissure dimensions, and enamel and dentine thickness. A significant increase in horizontal and vertical dentine(More)
From the findings of the present study the following can be stated: The degree of gingivitis surrounding teeth restored with nonideal stainless steel crowns was significantly higher than that of the entire mouth; however, the gingival status of the crowned teeth was not significantly different from that of unrestored contralateral control teeth. The amount(More)
In this case, a clear pathway for eruption was provided for the mandibular left first permanent molar by reducing the distal surface of the primary molar. The occlusal surface was also surgically uncovered to remove any possibility of a mucosal barrier. It was thought that the loss of arch length was not too great a sacrifice if the tooth could be brought(More)
Pure testicular seminomas occurring in patients with previous intracranial germ cell tumours are extremely rare. We present such a case. A 37-year-old gentleman presented to urology after previously being treated for a pineal germinoma with steroids and radiotherapy. On routine followup, he described symptoms of a testicular seminoma. This was managed(More)
INTRODUCTION Spontaneous resolution of carotid stenosis is a phenomenon that has been described in literature in the past. At present it is not routine practise to scan patients prior to carotid endarterectomy surgery within the UK. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 58 year old female presented to hospital with a history of sudden onset headache and left sided(More)