Mohammed Hassouna

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The mycoflora of hair of 111 cows, donkeys, rabbits, cats, and dogs were analysed and the frequency of occurrence and the relative importance value of the different fungal species isolated were calculated. Total numbers of species 56, 45, 48, 23, and 11 were recovered from cows, donkeys, rabbits, cats, and dogs respectively. The majority of the(More)
Generally, <30% of dairy cattle's nitrogen intake is retained in milk. Large amounts of nitrogen are excreted in manure, especially in urine, with damaging impacts on the environment. This study explores the effect of lowering dietary degradable nitrogen supplies--while maintaining metabolisable protein--on dairy cows' performance, nitrogen use efficiency(More)
Most of the certificateless two-party authenticated key agreement protocols (CTAKA) found in the literature, suffer either serious security problems making them vulnerable to types of attacks or inefficient performance that involves high computational costs. In this paper, we design an secure and efficient CTAKA. Within the proposed scheme, the KGC(More)
A total of 200 crossbred pigs (castrated males and females) were used in five replicates to evaluate the influence of rearing conditions for fattening pigs on growth performance, manure production and gaseous emissions. Approximately at 36 kg body weight (BW), littermates were allocated to either a conventional (fully slatted floor, 0.65 m2/pig, considered(More)
The mycoflora of the hair in 285 sheep from the West Bank of Jordan was analysed and the frequency of occurrence and the relative importance value for different fungal species found were calculated. Ninenty six species which belong to 36 genera were isolated. Forty one of these species were either well-known agents of animal and human mycoses (Trichophyton(More)
The mycoflora of the hair in 178 goats from the West Bank of Jordan was analysed and the frequency of occurrence and the relative importance value for the different keratinophilic fungi found were calculated. One hundred and seven species which belong to 38 genera were isolated. Thirty six of these species were either well recognised agents of mycoses(More)
OBJECTIVES Surgical treatment of a congenital bladder diverticulum is indicated in symptomatic children. Diverticulectomy can be performed by an open or a laparoscopic approach. We report our recent experience in using the pneumovesicoscopic approach for accomplishing vesical diverticulectomy. METHODS We operated on three boys with a mean age of 11.6(More)
The Arab Republic of Egypt has used family planning service delivery as the main vehicle for implementing its national family planning policy since 1965. This paper reports results of a study undertaken during 1975-77 using a systematic sample of 100 health units offering family planning services in two governorates of Egypt. The findings suggest that there(More)
A model has been developed to predict pig manure evolution (mass, dry and organic matter, N, P, K, Cu and Zn contents) and related gaseous emissions (methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and ammonia (NH3)) from pig excreta up to manure stored before spreading. This model forms part of a more comprehensive model including the prediction of pig excretion. The(More)
The high increase in the number of companies competing in mature markets makes customer retention an important factor for any company to survive. Thus, many methodologies (e.g., data mining and statistics) have been proposed to analyse and study customer retention. The validity of such methods is not yet proved though. This paper tries to fill this gap by(More)