Mohammed Hasan

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is a perception, which educational institutions can only attain through long period of planning, by the formulation and execution of annual quality program, which substantially moves towards the accomplishment of the vision. Application of TQM concepts is one of such degree, which will go a long way in reviving the higher(More)
Methylene Blue (MB), following its introduction to biology in the 19th century by Ehrlich, has found uses in various areas of medicine and biology. At present, MB is the first line of treatment in methemoglobinemias, is used frequently in the treatment of ifosfamide-induced encephalopathy, and is routinely employed as a diagnostic tool in surgical(More)
Images transmitted via ATM networks suffer from quality degradation due to buffer overflow or cell header errors which cause ATM cells to be lost. This paper presents a new approach to conceal the errors in the received images by the application of novel error recovery techniques to the decomposed DCT-coefficient subimages of the corrupted image. These(More)
One of the most recently developed face recognition technique has utilized PSO-SVM, this method lacks in the initial phase of the PSO technique. That is in PSO; initially the populations are generated in random manner. Due to this random process, the population results may also be in random. Thus, it is not certain that this method will produce precise(More)
This paper investigates the forecasting ability of five different versions of GARCH models. The five GARCH models applied are bivariate GARCH, GARCH-ECM, BEKK GARCH, GARCH-X and GARCH-GJR. Forecast errors based on four emerging stock futures portfolio return (based on forecasted hedge ratio) forecasts are employed to evaluate out-ofsample forecasting(More)
We give an algorithmic procedure for constructing the quivers and homogeneous relations of the Brauer correspondents of blocks of abelian noncyclic defect group in the almost simple groups in the ATLAS. This is one step in a program to compute the structure of the indecomposable projectives for these blocks. As an illustration, we determine an explicit(More)