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Chitosan (CS) is a biodegradable, biocompatible, and mucoadhesive natural polymer soluble in acidic pH only and can be irritating to the eye. Objective of the study was to synthesize water soluble 6-O-carboxymethyl (OCM-CS) derivative of CS, and to develop CS and OCM-CS nanoparticles (NPs) loaded with dorzolamide hydrochloride (DRZ). CS was reacted with(More)
Very little is known about the basal cells in the epididymal epithelium. Their function is unclear, although they are present in all mammalian epididymal studies. Thirty adult male albino rats were used in this study and were divided into 3 groups: group I (a control group; n =10), group II (injected with Indian ink; n = 10) and group III (exposed to(More)
Four adult crossbred rams with an average 45.55±0.75 kg body weight were fed on four dietary diets in a randomized 4×4 Latin square design. Animals were fed on barley grain at 1.5% of live body weight plus (1) berseem hay (BH), (2) Treated corn stalks with urea 5% (TCS) and (BH) (1:2), (3) TCS and BH (2:1) and (4) TCS ad libitum to study the effect of(More)
Grape skin and seeds are sources for phenolic compounds that contribute to the sensory characteristics and beneficial bioactive of many processed foods. Hence, the study was aimed to evaluate and characterize the phenolic composition and evaluate the antioxidant activities of three grape varieties skin (white, red and black) and white grape seeds. The(More)
Twenty four growing crossbred male lambs, weighing about 22.95 ± 0.57 kg were divided into four similar groups, six lambs of each, to study the effect of replacement of corn with barley grains (0, 33.3, 66.7 and 100 %) in the concentrate feed mixture (CFM,s) when fed with corn stalks treated with urea (5%) plus berseem hay at the ratio of (2:1) on the(More)
192 Baheij pullets and 60 cocks, 28 wks of age, were used to investigate the effect of feeding different levels of protein and methionine on Baheij laying hens performance and reducing the environmental pollution of nitrogen. Birds were randomly assigned to twelve treatments in complete randomized factorial design (3X4) with three levels of protein (12, 14(More)
Four lines of Alexandria strain were used; selected egg line (EL), selected meat line (ML) and their controls (CEL&CML). The present study was performed for propose of increasing uniformity in Alexandria chickens. Eight weeks body weight and also age of sexual maturity were estimated in all populations. In the meat line selection was done for increasing(More)
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