Mohammed H Mukhtar

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The rate of glucose phosphorylation in hepatocytes is determined by the subcellular location of glucokinase and by its association with its regulatory protein (GKRP) in the nucleus. Elevated glucose concentrations and precursors of fructose 1-phosphate (e.g., sorbitol) cause dissociation of glucokinase from GKRP and translocation to the cytoplasm. In this(More)
The role of glucose 6-P (glucose 6-phosphate) in regulating the activation state of glycogen synthase and its translocation is well documented. In the present study, we investigated the effects of glucose 6-P on the activation state and compartmentation of phosphorylase in hepatocytes. Glucose 6-P levels were modulated in hepatocytes by glucokinase(More)
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