Mohammed H. A. Hamid

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We present a model-based approach to estimate the mean membrane potentials (and their time-derivatives) of populations of neurons within cortical columns. We consider a general class of neural mass models for which we design local state observers. The synthesis relies on linear parameter-varying systems techniques and the observer gains are obtained by(More)
Voltage instability is characterized by loss of a stable operating point due to reactive power deficiency, which causes a drop of voltage profile in significant part of the system. The voltage is stable if the system can maintain its voltage within the acceptable limits when there is a change in load admittance. Voltage collapse may occur when the system is(More)
We present a prescriptive approach for the state estimation of nonlinear systems. We first assume that we know a local observer, i.e. a dynamical system whose state converges to the plant state when it is initialized nearby the plant initial condition. We sample the set where the plant initial condition is assumed to lie with a finite number of points;(More)
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