Mohammed Gollapalli

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Accurately identifying duplicate records between multiple data sources is a persistent problem that continues to plague organizations and researchers alike. Small inconsistencies between records can prevent detection between two otherwise identical records. In this paper, we present a new probabilistic h-gram (hash gram) record matching technique by(More)
There has been a surge of interests in developing probabilistic techniques for linking semantic equivalent datasets. The key objective is to transform the structure of the induced data into a concise synopsis. Current techniques primarily focus on performing pair-wise attribute matching and pay little attention in discovering direct and weighted(More)
Data Linkage is an important step that can provide valuable insights for evidence-based decision making, especially for crucial events. Performing sensible queries across heterogeneous databases containing millions of records is a complex task that requires a complete understanding of each contributing database’s schema to define the structure of its(More)
There has been significant increase in bringing awareness across Saudi Arabia towards recycling and its impact on our environment especially in the past decade. Unfortunately, recycling succession process requires further cooperation by consumers to be advantageous and to actively promote recycling business in the competitive Saudi market. To overcome these(More)
According to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health and privately conducted statistics on breast cancer, one out of every eight women (almost 12%) in Saudi Arabia has the chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer related disease during women's lifetime. The fact of this problem remains due to the lack of availability of experts and labs situated primarily(More)
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