Mohammed Faizan Mohsin

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BACKGROUND This study explores the socio-demographic characteristics of pregnant women who continue to smoke during the pregnancy, and identifies the characteristics of the smokers who were likely to quit smoking during the pregnancy period. METHODS This was secondary analysis of the New South Wales (NSW) Midwives Data Collection (MDC) 1999-2003, a(More)
The hospitalisation and management of patients at the end-of-life by emergency medical services is presenting a challenge to our society as the majority of people approaching death explicitly state that they want to die at home and the transition from acute care to palliation is difficult. In addition, the escalating costs of providing care at the(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary objective of the study is to assess the toxic effect of pioglitazone in mice. Pioglitazone belongs to thiazolidinedione group of oral antidiabetic agents. The earlier drug of this group troglitazone has been withdrawn due to its liver toxicity. The other drug rosiglitazone which was used like pioglitazone as insulin sensitizing agent(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the magnitude of access block and its trend over time in New South Wales hospitals, using different definitions of access block, and to explore its association with clinical and non-clinical factors. DESIGN AND SETTING An epidemiological study using the Emergency Department Information System datasets (1 January 1999 to 31 December(More)
BACKGROUND Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs twice as commonly amongst women as men. Two common domains of trauma, network trauma and gender based violence (GBV), may contribute to this gender difference in PTSD rates. We examined data from a nationally representative sample of the Australian population to clarify the characteristics of these two(More)
A popular method of face identification is the use of local binary pattern (LBP) histograms. In this method, a face image is partitioned into regions, and a histogram of features is produced for each region; faces are compared by measuring the similarity of their histograms through statistics such as chi-square score or K-L divergence. Comparison of(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about explosive anger as a response pattern among pregnant and post-partum women in conflict-affected societies. AIMS To investigate the prevalence and correlates of explosive anger among this population in Timor-Leste. METHOD We assessed traumatic events, intimate partner violence, an index of adversity, explosive anger,(More)
— Cameras and video technology have become integral in our day to day lives. Surveillance is one area that has greatly benefited from video technologies. This in turn increases the need for automatic video surveillance algorithms that can track objects and raise alarm if needed. Tracking of people is one such area. On the other hand, CAMSHIFT is a tracking(More)
We examine the importance of income and capital gains tax rates in explaining the share of national adjusted gross income (AGI) that is reported by the top one-half of one percent of all taxpayers. Econometric results indicate that both taxes and macroeconomic factors have important effects on the top AGI share. Specifically, cutting the top income or(More)
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