Mohammed Faci

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The LOTOS constraint-oriented style allows the design of wellstructured, implementation-independent specifications of distributed systems. As an example, we provide a small, didactically-oriented specification of a simple telephone service. The design of the specification is based on three types of constraints, i.e. global constraints, end-to-end(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the differences in cognitive status with respect to food habits and energy and nutrient intake in a group of non institutionalised, elderly people. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING The study subjects were independently living, elderly people who spent some of their time at day centres in the Comunidad de Madrid (the Madrid region).(More)
This paper presents an approach for specifying telephone features and analysing their interactions in a LOTOS environment. The approach is characterized by a flexible specification structure and an analysis method based on knowledge goals. Structurally, the specifications allow the integration of new features into existing ones by specifying each feature(More)
Two approaches, resource-oriented and constraint-oriented, for structuring telephone systems specifications, are presented. Both approaches express behaviour by collections of communicating processes, using the language LOTOS. However, requirements are distributed differently among processes. Examples are taken from specifications of telephone systems,(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies performed on the nutritional status of the Spanish population have been very heterogeneous with respect to methodology, sample size, geographical location, socio-economic level and health status of the subjects involved. In order to gain an overall view of the state of knowledge in this area, a meta-analysis was performed on the results of(More)
This paper reports on some initial results in using LOTOS as a hardware description language. LOTOS, the Language Of Temporal Ordering Specifications, is a language that has been conceived in the framework of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standardization as a tool for the formal description of OSI services and protocols. We present some examples to(More)
A study was conducted on the influence of maternal education level on food consumption, energy and nutrient intake, and dietary adequacy in 110 pre-school children from Madrid, Spain. With increasing maternal education, children consumed more sugar(p < 0.05), fruit (p < 0.05), and fish (p < 0.05). Snacking was more frequent with decreasing maternal(More)